You can still show your support for women in El Salvador!

CAWN is actively supporting the Las 17 y más campaign which demands the freedom of women wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment following miscarriages or obstetric complications in El Salvador.

El Salvador has a ban on abortion under all circumstances, including when pregnancy is a result of rape or when abortion is required to save a woman’s life. Women and girls are systematically persecuted under this law and are often sentenced to life imprisonment. This needs to stop.
Between 2000 and 2011 there were more than 129 recorded cases of women being imprisoned for abortion, while more than 26 women were prosecuted for aggravated homicide after an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. The trials of these women certainly did not meet international standards with no conclusive evidence presented and decisions seemingly based on conjecture and prejudice. CAWN is standing together with Salvadoran women’s rights groups to bring about justice for these women and the many more that risk falling victim to the law in the future if nothing changes.
At the end of this month CAWN will be passing on both handwritten and online petitions to the President of the Supreme Court of El Salvador. Show your support by signing the petition here!
They are not criminals.
They are not murderers.
We demand their freedom.
Christina Katsianis, CAWN

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3 Responses to “You can still show your support for women in El Salvador!”

  1. Rebeca Zuniga-Hamlin Says:

    Please add my name to the petition. Also you can include the Denver Justice and Peace Committee, we are grassroots organization based in Denver Colorado USA.
    Thank you

  2. Anna Keene Says:

    Please add me to the petition. This is an appalling abuse of human rights and has to stop immediately. I will be sharing this with my local women’s group in New Zealand.

  3. adminuser Says:

    Hi Anna, maybe I could add you to our newsletter feed? It comes out every three months, but there may be more information related to the case of ‘Las 17 y +’. Thank you for your support!

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