Farewell from CAWN

Our 25th Anniversary and Closing event was a day that was filled with memories of what has been achieved, emotion and hopes for the future.
We want to thank you for these years of support. A particularly big thank you to everyone who helped build and maintain CAWN’s work during these 25 years, and also to those who made our closing event possible.
Although we will no longer be here as a structured network, and every member of CAWN is following her own path, the sense of solidarity is something that doesn’t disappear just because an organisation dissolves – new fighters must now carry the banners. Our e-mail address will cease working soon, and you will not receive more newsletters from us, but social networks allow for a different type of communication, and supporters of CAWN will use them now and then, though on a much lower scale, for disseminating information from the region. If you wish to get in touch with previous members of CAWN we can also be reached at the email contactfriendsofcawn@gmail.com.
In solidarity,

Central America Women’s Network

25th Anniversary and Closing event

Reflections on the road travelled by CAWN: 25 years of solidarity and promoting women’s rights

In this, our final publication, we look at the work done since our 20th Anniversary newsletter in 2011. We review the developments in the main thematic areas on which CAWN has focused since the beginning, considering what has and has not changed since 1991. This is followed by a reflection on CAWN’s own evolution, from loose network to charity, and some thoughts about our legacy and the future.

The publication is available in English and Spanish.


Video messages

Message from MEC


Message from CEM-H


Message from Katherine, CAWN former coordinator Message from Virginia, CAWN former coordinator




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