July 2020

Feminist Issues in 2020

Women’s rights movements have been on the rampant move, but there are still a lot of feminist issues that are being faced in our time today. Recognition on women’s rights and feminist issues have been discussed, and there is even an international law emphasizing on Women’s Rights.

The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), enacted in the year 1979, is the international key treaty that addresses all forms of gender-based discrimination and providing specified protections, fighting for women’s rights. Many issues are still to be mentioned, but here are 3 of the main feminist issues that are currently experienced.

Education Equity

Education plays an essential role in achieving future success and work opportunities. Unfortunately, as early as kindergarten years, boys and girls are educated in accordance with gender-based attributes and are as well, being stereotyped by their teachers. An example to elaborate this is the conducted study by Professor of economics and education at the New York City University. By default, the study has revealed that teachers easily assume that girls need to work and study harder in order to perform as well as the boys in a math class.

Along with stereotypical gender-based, both girls and women face current obstacles in the field of the educational system. These would include unfair treatment with regards to parenthood or due to pregnancy, bullying, and sex-segregated programs.

Workplace Equality

According to a report in the year 2019, only a total of 72 women belong to every 100 people promoted to managerial positions. Numbers even become lower for women of color and those who are Latinas. Furthermore, the report states that though there is an increase in senior-level representation roles, the female population is still underrepresented for senior leadership.

With workplace inequality, it extends to more than just about job titles and is past the promotions. An organization has reported that women belong to that 63% of minimum wage earners, and the average wage remains at $7.25 since 2009.  Across different industries, studies show that women do earn lesser compared to men, along with the most substantial gaps with being in company management positions.

Gender-based Violence

Here in the US alone, reports estimate that at most 1 in 4 women experience assaults and severe sexual and physical violence. These said assaults eventually lead to post-traumatic disorders and injuries. 3 out of 4 girls, 4 out of … Continue..

Latin America Women’s Day Marches

view from above the march

Women’s Day is the celebration held for every woman as a way of appreciation and boosting gender parity. This is what many would refer to as the global Day for the celebration of women’s political, economic, cultural, And social achievements. Each year, Women’s Day supports a cause and showcases its relevance.

Just like in any other parts of the US, Latin America joins the celebration and also hold a Women’s Day march as part of the celebration. Latin American women wish their voices to be heard, and with this march and celebration, comes this cause of wanting to be treated with equality and be given fair rights.

Celebrating Women’s Day in Latin America

black and white image from womens day march

Latin America Women’s day celebration is just as similar to the annual marches held in New York City every 8th of March. Women from all across Latin America marks the 8th of March as commemorations and protests both offline and online.

To celebrate Women’s Day, thousands of Latin American women would go out on the streets, and even use the power of social media networks to voice and demonstrate their concerns and advocacies. Each country does have a specific motivation, and it is not at all different in Latin America. Women across Latin America unite to call for attention, and as a sign of resistance against the difficult realities, they continue to face in their region.

Recent Latin America Women’s Day march

On the 8th of March, 2020, millions of women took the streets in Latin America to celebrate Women’s Day. With all the noise and crowd, one thing was clear: All united, as one voice, with one goal, which is to end oppression and violence. 

As Women’s Day is celebrated in Latin America, women march against the backdrop of a broader social unrest that is currently happening in their region. Police reports have said that in Chile’s capital alone, a total 150,000 protester was joining the celebration. As for the rest of Latin America, another 40,000 totals of protesters were estimated. With this celebration, many women who joined carried signs calling for an end to violence against women and access to abortion. With given numbers, organizers of the said event say total women who joined the celebration were much higher.

The Idea Behind Women’s Day marches

view of how large the womens march is

The whole idea behind the Women’s Day march during International Women’s day is to voice out what issues … Continue..