Feminist Issues in 2020

Feminist Issues in 2020

Women’s rights movements have been on the rampant move, but there are still a lot of feminist issues that are being faced in our time today. Recognition on women’s rights and feminist issues have been discussed, and there is even an international law emphasizing on Women’s Rights.

The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), enacted in the year 1979, is the international key treaty that addresses all forms of gender-based discrimination and providing specified protections, fighting for women’s rights. Many issues are still to be mentioned, but here are 3 of the main feminist issues that are currently experienced.

Education Equity

Education plays an essential role in achieving future success and work opportunities. Unfortunately, as early as kindergarten years, boys and girls are educated in accordance with gender-based attributes and are as well, being stereotyped by their teachers. An example to elaborate this is the conducted study by Professor of economics and education at the New York City University. By default, the study has revealed that teachers easily assume that girls need to work and study harder in order to perform as well as the boys in a math class.

Along with stereotypical gender-based, both girls and women face current obstacles in the field of the educational system. These would include unfair treatment with regards to parenthood or due to pregnancy, bullying, and sex-segregated programs.

Workplace Equality

According to a report in the year 2019, only a total of 72 women belong to every 100 people promoted to managerial positions. Numbers even become lower for women of color and those who are Latinas. Furthermore, the report states that though there is an increase in senior-level representation roles, the female population is still underrepresented for senior leadership.

With workplace inequality, it extends to more than just about job titles and is past the promotions. An organization has reported that women belong to that 63% of minimum wage earners, and the average wage remains at $7.25 since 2009.  Across different industries, studies show that women do earn lesser compared to men, along with the most substantial gaps with being in company management positions.

Gender-based Violence

Here in the US alone, reports estimate that at most 1 in 4 women experience assaults and severe sexual and physical violence. These said assaults eventually lead to post-traumatic disorders and injuries. 3 out of 4 girls, 4 out of … Continue..