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Women renegotiating power paradigms in Central America: women's struggles in 20th century. February 2014.

A look into the flourisihing of women's movements from the 60s. How and why?


Spring 2014 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter, packed with news, analysis, oppottunities and more.


Surviving as we can: Women in Informal Employment in Central America.October 2013.

The working conditions of women in informal employment are explored through interviews.














welcome to cawn

For over 20 years The Central America Women’s Network (CAWN) has worked in the UK to raise awareness of women’s rights and international development.

We support the struggles of women in Central America, particularly those seeking economic rights and fighting for their labour rights, those working for maternal health and the right to abortion, and those resisting violence against women.
We work in partnership with local women’s organisations and support the women’s movement, as well as the struggles of workers, the indigenous and economic justice movements in Central America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our current strategies are:

  • promoting exchanges of experiences between women’s organisations and activists in Europe, Central America and other regions, such as Southern Africa;
  • providing up to date information and analysis of the situation of women’s rights through our email list, briefings, newsletters, website and research reports;
  • building the capacity of women’s rights activists to boost their understanding of development from a gender perspective, to learn collectively, and to gain advocacy and media skills;
  • developing international networks of solidarity and support;
  • lobbying and advocating to influence relevant policies at United Kingdom and European Union levels.

“Poverty is an issue of women’s organisations but we must change the technical discussion of poverty into a political discourse. It is essential to empower women for them to come out of poverty.”
Mirta Kennedy, CEMH – Honduras

“Women need to be empowered with knowledge that will be tools in the search for alternative survival strategies in a globalised world.”
Mabel Aguirre, MEC – Nicaragua


CAWN's work is currently funded by the European Commission. Our views do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.


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