Restoring sovereignty in El Salvador

15 July

The Latin America Bureau reports on how US aid to El Salvador is tied to the control farming seeds, an control exerted through the CAFTA, a trade agreement between the US and Central American countries that penalises measures to protect the poorest, biodiversity and local economies. But the Salvadoran government is fighting back to restore sovereignity and autonomy.

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Tending for improved corn seeds in the La Maroma cooperative, in the Bajo Lempa, El Salvador. Credit: Edgardo Ayala/IPS


CAWN shares the pain of the Guatemalan women’s movement 

9 July 2014

Guatemala is mourning Patricia Samayoa, a tireless defender of women’s rights, who was killed on July 3 by a private security guard. The women’s movement expresses anger at the Government that has promoted militarization in the country and empowered private security agencies, many of them led by ex-military commands of the dictatorship.


The Summer Newsletter is out!

3 July 2014

CAWN has done its best to have the voices of Guatemalan sexual slaves during conflict heard, and to help free Salvadoran women incarcerated for suffering pregnancy complications or undergoing an abortion. Have a read for more news, analysis and calls for action in the Summer Newsletter!


Some justice for women sexually enslaved during conflict in Guatemala

24 June 2014

The courtroom of “Primera Instancia de Mayor Riesgo B” was full on Tuesday 24 June 2014. Present were Mayan women, human rights defenders and journalists. The courtroom is on the 14th Floor in the Tower of Courts in the centre of the capital city. The court is presided over by Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez. Today marks an historic day, as the first public hearing against army Colonel Esteelmer Reyes Girón and former military commissioner Heriberto Valdez Asij begins. Read more here.


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