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Feminist Futures at the AWID International Forum

29 September 2016

The 13th AWID forum was held in Bahia, Brazil over four day (September 8-12 2016) bringing together over 1,800 women (and a few men too) from 130 countries: young and older feminist, of different races, ethnicities, gender identities and abilities, as well as representatives of donors and the UN. The theme of intersectionality and the increasing feminist influence within diverse movements (such as the disability movement) as well as greater transnational activism in the feminist movement were threads running throughout the Forum. Read more


Organizations Call for Gender Focus in Protection During Special Rapporteur Visit to Honduras

26 August

UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst, will be in Honduras until August 27 as part of a tour to collect information on the situation for defenders in Central America. During the visit, Honduran civil society organizations will share reports and testimonies, and participate in regional and national consultations and other events to denounce the current human rights crisis and widespread impunity in the country.  Read more


Factory workers protesting peacefully are violently attacked and detained by riot police in Nicaragua

7 July, 2016

Last week, Nicaraguan workers suffered the most recent attack on their rights during the storming by riot police of the Korean-owned Sae A Tecnotex SA, a factory situated in the free-trade zone of Tipitapa in Nicaragua.

Workers in the factory had been peacefully campaigning for improved working conditions, such as access to drinking water, more realistic production targets and the reinstatement of two unionised workers, but these demands were met with intimidation and violence by riot police on 27 June called in by the management. As a result of this brutality, many workers were injured and 11 were put behind bars as a ‘preventive measure’. Some of those detained were not even workers of Sae A Tecnotex SA but people who happened to be on the premises at the time – including a pregnant worker and a worker with heart problems, from other companies. The workers were kept in preventive imprisonment for 5 days and only released on 2 July. Read more


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Women, water and tourism in Costa Rica. July 2016

Changes in the use of water due to tourism development affect gender relations in households, communities and markets. The dynamics of inequality have a number of different levels: between tourism enterprises and local residents; between men and women; and between women of different social classes and nationalities. In contrast to most research on this topic to date, this research by Stroma Cole, Lucy Ferguson and Ruya Leghari shows that gender matters in the analysis of tourism and water.

Empowerment Approach in Tourism, The Voices of Nicaraguan WomenOctober 2015

Tourism features in most Development Agendas, such as the Post-2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development . It also features in free trade agreements and in most international development strategies. Its global reach has placed tourism at the heart of decision-making in all spheres, political, financial and economic. The Responsible Tourism movement has been gathering pace and Nicaragua is currently in the process of developing a strategy on Gender and Tourism.

 Women’s Reproductive Rights. September, 2015

English | Spanish

Maternal and reproductive health is critical to address in order to improve the rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in many developing countries. Maternal health and reproductive rights are intertwined, especially women’s rights to control their fertility and to choose when to become pregnant. But reproductive rights are very contentious in many countries in Latin America, in particular access to contraception and the termination of pregnancies. We provide an overview of the situation in the region with a focus on women in El Salvador.


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