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You can still show your support for women in El Salvador!

27 January 2016

CAWN is actively supporting the Las 17 y más campaign demanding the freedom of women wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment following miscarriages or obstetric complications in El Salvador. El Salvador has a ban on abortion under all circumstances, including when pregnancy is a result of rape or when abortion is required to save a woman’s life. Read more


Sandra Ramos Tour 29 October to 8 November

12 November 2015   

Sandra Ramos, director of MEC, the Maria Elena Cuadra Women’s Movement of employed and unemployed women in Nicaragua visited London and during her 10 day stay was kept very busy. Among the  pubic events organised, she gave a talk to LSE students who are members of the Central America Societys. Read more


Nicaraguan Partner, Sandra Ramos, on London speaker tour

3 November 2015

Sandra Ramos, founder and Director of the Maria Elena Cuadra’s Movement of Employed and Unemployed Women (MEC) is visiting London during the first week of November. MEC was founded in 1994. It is an autonomous, grassroots feminist organisation, bringing together over 75,000 women and working to promote the rights of women in Nicaragua. Read more



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Empowerment Approach in Tourism, The Voices of Nicaraguan WomenOctober 2015

Tourism features in most Development Agendas, such as the Post-2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development . It also features in free trade agreements and in most international development strategies. Its global reach has placed tourism at the heart of decision-making in all spheres, political, financial and economic. The Responsible Tourism movement has been gathering pace and Nicaragua is currently in the process of developing a strategy on Gender and Tourism.

 Women’s Reproductive Rights. September, 2015

Maternal and reproductive health is critical to address in order to improve the rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in many developing countries. Maternal health and reproductive rights are intertwined, especially women’s rights to control their fertility and to choose when to become pregnant. But reproductive rights are very contentious in many countries in Latin America, in particular access to contraception and the termination of pregnancies. We provide an overview of the situation in the region with a focus on women in El Salvador.


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